Lifetime calculation for Aluminium Alectrolytic Capacitors

The lifetime of capacitors depends on many different parameters. Not infrequently, capacitors are the most critical component and significantly determine the life of the entire product. In order to make a meaningful estimate of the expected lifetime under operating conditions, the AIC Europe team has developed its own online calculation program and will gladly make this available to you.

We point out that the calculations are done with usual semi-empirical formulas. The result does not entitle to any warranty claim of any kind whatsoever. Rather, this program should give a rough estimate of the achievable lifetime.

The detailed terms of use are available here.

— This button will open up the lifetime calculation tool in a new tab —

Save and load

You can save your inputs and results at any time. Your saved calculations are then displayed with the respective name in the navigation bar on the left side.
There you have the opportunity to load, change or recalculate them.

Load conditions

In addition to a classic lifetime calculation, it is possible to determine the service life over any number of load conditions. As a result, different modes of operation of a plant or a component can be considered.

Specific Calculation

If you need component-specific parameters to perform your simulation as accurately as possible, please contact us.