AIC Europe Sales & engineering   

 The strong interface between Europe and Japan.

AIC Europe –  founded 1991 in Krefeld, we are the general representative for Hitachi AIC Capacitors in Europe. Our success story started 30 years ago – with more than 55 million aluminium electrolytic capacitors delivered and a large number of satisfied customers.

For 30 years, we have supported the development department of our customers in selecting the best capacitors. Well-known manufacturers and leading companies in the field of renewable energy, power transmission, drives, medical and railway technology, aerospace and electrical machines rely on our expertise and our excellent products.

Through direct communication with production in Japan, we process and plan your orders and schedules reliably and without any loss in time. In combination with our safety and consignment stocks, we fulfil the requirement of flexible and reliable just-in-time delivery of capacitors for your production, whether at home or abroad.

Our sales engineers and representatives will support you from the start with our full expertise throughout the duration of your projects. 

Through the decades of cooperation with Japanese engineers, we can reply to profound technical questions. Extensive internal endurance and load tests reference data, application-specific measurements and field experience provide a solid foundation to decisively support your engineers in the design of the capacitor bank.