Capacitor Failures
(The 15 practical case studies in various capacitor applications)


AIC tech capacitors are designed and manufactured under strict quality control and safety standards. To ensure safer use of our capacitors, we ask our customers to observe usage precautions and to adopt appropriate design and protection measures (e.g., installation of protection circuits).

However, it is difficult to reduce capacitor failures to zero with the current level of technology. Therefore, this report explains troubleshooting (diagnosis of failures and appropriate measures) to ensure proper and safe use of capacitors.


You will find the following content concerning Capacitor Failures

  • Perhaps a capacitor has failed?
  • How does a capacitor fail?
  • The 15 Practical Case Studies
    • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
      Case 1 A Capacitor Started Smoking
      Case 2 A Capacitor Generated Heat and Failed
      Case 3 Capacitance Decrease
      Case 4 Vapor Erupted From A Capacitor
      Case 5 A Capacitor Failed at Hot Place
      Case 6 An Overcoated Capacitor Failed
      Case 7 A Capacitor Do Not Like Cold
      Case 8 Capacitor’s Best-Before Date?
      Case 9 Spark from Al Electrolytic Capacitor
      Case10 Horizontally Mounted Al Electrolytic Capacitor
      Case11 A Capacitor in Series Strings Has Failed
    • Film capacitors
      Case12 DC Film / AC Film Capacitor
      Case13 What’s The Electrode, Metalized or Foil?
      Case14 A Capacitor Suffered From Thermal Stress
      Case15 Strange Sound Came From A Film Capacitor
  • Appendix (What’s A Capacitor)
  • Conclusion

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