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2 years after the change of name from Hitachi AIC to AIC tech, we were able to meet many customers and

interested parties in person again last May at PCIM Nuremberg and have exciting discussions about our latest products.
For this we simply say THANK YOU to all visitors and look forward to welcoming you again next year.

New catalogues

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

– New „ZR“ series with snap-in terminals (see p. 74): Highest ripple currents with lowest ESR values in the given compact designs.

– New „FXW“ series with screw terminals (see page 114): High energy density as long-life variant, i.e. high capacitance values in the 350V~450V voltage range.

– Many new designs have been added to almost all series, especially the snap-in series HP3, HU3, HU and HL, as well as to screw terminal types, HCGW(2/3) and all V series. Here are particularly compact designs. Other values available on request.

– The very low field failure rate of 0.5 FIT again has been confirmed in recent years.

You can find the catalog for our aluminum electrolytic capacitors here

Film Capacitors

– New „MLCA“ series with screw terminals (see p. 31): High ripple currents and higher rated voltages of up to 2,200V in compact designs. Higher rated voltages available on request.

– New „MKCP4T“ series for PCB mounting (see p. 43): THB variant for significantly longer service life in high humidity. Test winner in THB comparison tests.

– Many new designs of all kinds available, some of which are listed in the catalogue, especially of the screw terminal type MLCA and of the MKC series for PCB mounting.

– Due to demanding applications in the automotive market, the topic „humidity impact for film capacitors“ has been dealt with for many years in R&D and new developments successfully. For PCB mount capacitors, there is also the option of calculating the service life depending on relative humidity a.o.t. (see example on p. 46).

You can find the catalog for our film capacitors here

We will be pleased to select the right capacitor for your application for an optimal design of your capacitor bank – please contact us!

We are looking forward to your inquiries.


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